For your convenience, these are frequently asked questions we receive in our office.

  1. Can you repair a broken door/window/handle/screen/something else? Our list of services is large, and constantly growing. Give us a call today and we can tell you if your repair is something we can handle, or arrange to have a technician come on site for a free evaluation.
  2. How much do you charge? Our services are customized to your specific problem, to ensure that we never overcharge you with flat-fee services. Refer to our pricing for more details.
  3. How long will the repair take? The time required to complete your repair depends entirely on the size and difficulty of the project, and will be discussed with you during the estimate process. Some simple repairs can be completed immediately after the estimate, depending on the availability of parts and our technician’s schedule. Other repairs will be scheduled by our office staff at your convenience. Please refer to our operating hours for more information.
  4. Do I need a permit for this? Many repair and maintenance tasks can be done without a permit. If our scope includes work that will require a permit in your jurisdiction, we will include permitting services in our quote.
  5. Do you sell parts and hardware? We offer most parts as part of our installation package. Some parts and hardware are available for retail purchase–if you’d like a quote, please contact us.
  6. Do you have a list of references? We’d be happy to put you in contact with a past client that matches the type of work you’re looking for. You can also visit the testimonials page to see what people are saying about us.
  7. Are you hiring? Please check our employment page for the latest information.
  8. Can I stop by your office? Unfortunately, our office and warehouse are not open to the public. If you need to see us in person, please contact us first so that we may arrange a meeting.

Something else you’d like to ask? Contact us today.